This Week in DeFi – April 2


To the DeFi community,

This week, the dam finally erupted as a flood of new Ethereum-based L2 DeFi offerings hit the market, paving the way for millions of new users to get into the action without breaking the bank on gas costs.

Dharma announced Gas-Lite, offering one-click access to depositing funds in top-notch DeFi protocols with gas fee reductions of up to 80% when transfers are made directly from users’ bank accounts. . Similar to other L2 solutions on the market, Gas-Lite aggregates transactions to spread the cost among many different depots to dramatically reduce the cost of depots for individual users.

Aave gave more details of their plans to tackle new frontiers to keep DeFi inclusive for everyone, not just wealthy users, while staying true to its Ethereum-based roots. The first step is the integration with Polygon (formerly MATIC) for certain assets such as stable coins, WETH and WBTC, where fees are reduced to a fraction of a cent while maintaining the security and decentralization benefits of the Ethereum network.

Synthetix officially launched Staking Assets to generate sUSD on the Optimism L2 Mainnet after months of testing, and will offer staking rewards to users who migrate warranties to the new service. There are some limitations, like sUSD on Optimism which currently has few places to hang out for extended yield farming strategies, but the successful integration of Synthetix should lead to many more services ported to Optimism over the next few years. month.

And the Perpetual Protocol released Phase 1 of a two-phase staking to help secure the perpetual contract network, with liquidity rewards included of course. Similar to Sushiswap, a portion of the PERP staking rewards will vest for 6 months, and withdrawal from the staking contract will require a 14-day cooldown period. Phase 2 of the staking release will also include the distribution of trading fees to staking users, so stay tuned.

There will never be a single event to herald the dawn of the era of live scaling solutions for DeFi and the Ethereum community, but importantly this week we feel like we have maybe crossed that threshold.

The cascade of applications on L2 would always start with top-tier protocols (especially after Optimism scaled back its launch ambitions last month to a more manageable whitelist of individual projects), and with the arrival of l ‘Yield farming on Yearn, Aave, Synthetix, and more this week, it looks like the integration phase has finally arrived.

The next step? Accelerate the trend of capturing more DeFi protocols and let it be known that DeFi is ready to serve the masses again, no matter how much capital you bring. Spring is here, which means summer is just a few months away. And with L2 integrations finally starting to drop, summer 2021 could make DeFi’s summer 2020 a snap.

It’s time to claim some UMA TVL Promotion Campaign Airdrop Tokens.

Band Protocol and Equilibrium are joining forces for a new type of cross-chain synthetic active ingredient.

Alpha Finance continues to offer brand new tokenomics for the right size user rewards.

Actus offers a unique option-based airdrop campaign for first-time users.

The Fei protocol breaks down the intricacies of operating the new stable reserve asset.

Highest returns: dYdX at 17.47% APY, Nexo Lend at 10% APY

Cheapest loans: CoinList at 3.00% APY, Aave at 7.24% APY

MakerDAO Updates

DAI Savings rate: 0.00%

Basic Fee: 0.00%

ETH stability fee: 4.50%

USDC Stability fees: 0.00%

WBTC Stability Fee: 4.50%

Highest returns: Poloniex at 10% APY, Pivot at 11.51% APY

Cheapest loans: CoinList at 1% APY, Compound at 10.71% APY

Total value locked: $ 45.54 billion (up 15.38% from last week)

DeFi market capitalization: $ 96.47 billion (up 7%)

DEX weekly volume: $ 16.59 billion (+ 37.68%)

DAI Provide: 2.963B (up 1.26%)

Total number of DeFi users: 1,757,600 (up 2.81%)

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