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WOBURN, Mass., June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (BLIN), a cloud-based marketing technology software provider, today announced that a leading publisher is expanding its commitment to Bridgeline by selecting the Hawksearch product to support their website search experience.

The publisher has recognized Bridgeline as a reliable and credible partner to support its growth strategy and has committed to a three-year contract worth 35,000 USD per year. After successfully using Bridgeline’s Unbound to generate revenue for over 5 years, their new deal includes the addition of Hawksearch.

The publisher recognized the ability of Hawksearch’s site search feature to improve user experience and speed up the customer journey to checkout. Not only was the publisher impressed with these features, they saw the potential for scalability through recommendations and auto-complete features to increase revenue growth through their site. Although the publisher noted that Hawksearch’s reporting capabilities surpassed competing software, the speed of implementation before the big sales season was a determining factor in its decision.

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, said, “We are excited to see how our client is using both Unbound and Hawksearch to strengthen their revenue strategy. We are convinced that our products work together to increase the wealth of our partners. »

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