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Researchers at the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station will take center stage in May and June in a series of radio talks.

“The purpose of these spots is to introduce and expand listeners’ knowledge about the diversity of New Hampshire agriculture,” said Gail McWilliam Jellie of the Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food of the state.

The interviews will air on 99.7 WNTK news talk radio at 9:15 a.m. on May 27 and June 10 and 24.

“We are working in partnership with all of the farm organizations in New Hampshire to give everyone a chance to tell their story and again to illustrate the scale of the agriculture industry in our state,” Jellie said in a press release. . “The experimentation station shows this perfectly with all the different research projects focused on improving agriculture.”

NH’s Agricultural Experiment Station Director Anton Bekkerman said researchers were “looking for answers to locally-inspired questions that remain unanswered to ensure sustainable, vibrant and economically resilient agriculture and food systems” in the ‘State.

On May 27, longtime station scientist Becky Sideman will talk about her research on seedless table grapes, including varieties that grow well in New Hampshire.

Station researcher Pete Erickson will launch National Milk Month on June 10 to discuss the nutrition of dairy cattle, as well as his most recent research on the use of wet brewers grains as profitable dairy foods.

On June 24, researchers David Plachetzki and Sydney Birch will discuss ways to deter a jellyfish-like animal from living on fish farm nets and equipment – research that aims to solve a million-dollar puzzle dollars for the aquaculture industry.

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