Popeyes Announces Nationwide Launch of Hershey Chocolate Stuffed Donuts – Limited Time


Donut lovers will be delighted to know that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is launching sales of the famous New Orleans dessert nationwide – but for a limited time.

“For a limited time” may not be what donut lovers want to hear, but according to one CNBC Report, fans will find Hershey’s Chocolate Stuffed Dessert on Popeyes’ menu, starting today. the report noted that the fried chicken chain hopes to attract customers to its restaurants during the holidays.

In addition, the report said the donut launch was “part of a larger strategy” by the Miami-based chain to use desserts to attract customers. Currently, Cinnamon Apple Pie is the only permanent dessert offering on Popeyes’ menu, though the restaurant occasionally sells limited-time dessert offers – some of which are only “available in the area.” report mentionned.

The Fried Pastry, a staple dessert from New Orleans where Popeyes was founded, is stuffed with Hershey Chocolate, and will be sold in three, six and 12 packs, for a limited time, starting today, ” the report mentionned.

The new offer should be doing well.

In October, Popeyes’ test of the new offering received “particularly strong” criticism from customers in Boston and several other northeastern markets, according to Sami Siddiqui, Popeyes president for the Americas, the report cited.

However, it may be too much to ask to expect its success to surpass that of Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich, which launched nationwide over a year ago, the report mentionned.

the report quoted Siddiqui, who said: “I have been in [the fast-food industry] for almost a decade now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like the chicken sandwich in any brand, so I don’t know if I want to set such high expectations.

Since the launch of the sandwich, including during the coronavirus pandemic, Popeyes “reported double-digit same-store sales growth every quarter,” report mentionned.

The Popeyes chain, now based in Miami, is owned by Restaurant Brands International.


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