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MARINETTE – Take a moment to imagine an arbitrary morning in mid-July. A whole and unexpected day, without work or other obligations, awaits you. And the urge to escape the chains of pandemic cabin fever stirs your inner sense of adventure.

The engine idles as you sit in the car at the end of the driveway, a thermos of fresh coffee in the cup holder, and a map of Wisconsin in your lap.

Just one day. What to do? Where to go? How long to drive there?

Your brain is worried about the possibilities as the day progresses quickly. Your thoughts fall on ideas for that event or destination which, to put it simply, is “Worth it …”

The July issue of Fox Cities Magazine could provide exactly the answer you’re looking for, prompting you to turn off the car, throw the keys aside and get out to explore the gems hidden here in the town of Marinette and the surrounding area.

Each July, Fox Cities Magazine publishes one of its most sought-after editions of the year, the “Worth the Drive” issue. This year, the magazine will feature the Town of Marinette, one of the three featured communities. The annual special edition aims to showcase the Marinette town district as a worthy excursion destination. And as the special issue reaches over 60,000 readers of the monthly lifestyle publication, it promises to boost tourism activity in the region.

Fox Cities Magazine, a monthly publication that also distributes other special issues throughout the year, is well regarded by its readers and advertisers. If you ask Fox Cities Magazine Account Manager Cheryl Kaczmarek her favorite issue to work on, her answer is without hesitation.

“Worth a visit, because it’s so much fun to go out and explore these communities, talk to people and have them tell the story of their community,” Kaczmarek said. “And find out how much enthusiasm and passion people have for their community and what they want us to say about them.”

Traditionally, the hugely popular Special Edition features communities that reside a relatively short drive from the Fox Cities area. It explores the unique and little-known treasures spread across the region, allowing an individual or family to have a rewarding and fun mini-vacation in just one day. The towns of Princeton (in Green Lake County) and Cedarburg (near Milwaukee) are the other two worthy destinations this year.

“It’s such a widely distributed edition, so for Marinette to be a feature film is astronomical,” said Melissa Ebsch, former director of marketing and tourism for Marinette. “It puts us on the map, it shows people what we are and what we can do and what (visitors) can do here.”

Each year, the special issue explores everything from history, museums, nature centers, activities, local restaurants, bars, festivals, people and other attractions within these featured communities. .

In the months leading up to July, the magazine begins the in-depth process of the emergence of its writers and photographers in the selected cities. They are aimed at business leaders, city officials and local experts in tourism, history and other topics. They strive to capture the characteristics, stories, and people that define an area, and then find a way to encompass the traits into the overall theme of each piece.

“Our story will be about Marinette’s personality,” Kaczmarek said. “What makes Marinette unique and special, if someone were to visit Marinette, what can they expect to do and see.”

The creators of the magazine, and more particularly of the “Worth the Drive” edition, firmly believe in highlighting the authenticity of a specific place or territory. Kaczmarek further distinguished the approach taken by the magazine. She pointed out that it would be a simple task to type in a few search queries in Google for adequate but poor history and some travel and activity tips. However, making her point stand out, she pointed out that the magazine strives to dig much deeper and connect with those who know the community best.

“We really believe that (play) has to come from the local people,” Kaczmarek said. “We believe it is important to come into the community and talk to the people who live here and find out what they are saying the main things about Marinette are… Where do the locals hang out? Where do they go for a good cup of coffee? Where do they go for brunch on Sunday morning? Where do they find a good burger?

For the past few months, Kaczmarek has been making his own trips to the region, conducting research, collecting photos and making contacts.

“Editing (‘Worth the Drive’) is driven by history,” she said. “But second, we are supported by advertising. The more companies, business partners and organizations involved in the project, the stronger the section on Marinette will be. “

After meeting with local economic development officials at the city and county level and with the non-profit organization for community and economic vitality, inVenture North, a letter was drafted and distributed to businesses in the area. The letter highlighted the potential that the “Worth the Drive” edition offers to local businesses. He highlighted the benefits that advertising in the special issue can create in attracting travelers and potential customers from a large and extensive region.

“It has become an extremely popular issue,” said Ruth Ann Heeter, editor and publisher of the magazine. “From a sales perspective, it doesn’t matter what communities are presented … different companies know that people are reading it and hooking on it, so they advertise their businesses and communities every year.”

Additionally, the economic and social impacts of last year’s pandemic rippled across the country, limiting plans for many to take long-distance and elaborate vacations. The pandemic has redefined the way consumers choose to spend their vacations. The letter stated, “More than ever, people are vacationing closer to home,” participating in activities such as kayaking, fishing, boating, ATV / UTV and other excursions. Marinette Town and Marinette County offer the perfect getaways for travelers seeking entertainment close to home.

“This is a great opportunity for (the area) to tell people in the Fox Cities area – who are very likely to come here by car – that Marinette is a great destination,” Kaczmarek told EagleHerald during a recent research visit to the region. . “(And the Fox Cities area) is a good audience to reach.”

Judging by the Friday afternoon and evening traffic along US 41, and the many vehicles towing campers, boats and ATVs down the highway, Marinette already receives a significant number of day trippers and tourists. weekend visitors to Green Bay and the Fox Cities area, according to Jennifer Short, director of development and tourism for Marinette County. She pointed out that the solitude and serene escapes of camping, hiking, fishing, waterfalls, big fishing tournaments, water sports and other tourist attractions in the area, lie a forehand to the north, an easy and logical escape for the townspeople of the Fox. Cities.

“I see this as a great opportunity for (the region)… and for our advertisers to showcase their activities to the more than 60,000 readers of ‘Worth the Drive’,” said Short. “I think this has been a great opportunity and an economic opportunity for us to showcase the Town of Marinette and the County of Marinette.

Jacqueline Boudreau, general manager / CEO of the Marinette Menominee region chamber of commerce, agreed with Short, noting that such exposure, especially through advertising, creates a positive spillover effect for the local commercial scene.

“I think if you are a tourism related industry, hotel, restaurant, antiques, boutique or festivals, advertising in (the magazine) would be high visibility for (these businesses),” said Boudreau.

She gave more information on the economic and development impacts that such a feature like “Worth the Drive” can sow in a community. She explained that tourism is sometimes a way for individuals to “test an area,” providing initial persuasion for someone considering relocating to the community.

“It’s more of a tourism component than anything else,” Boudreau said. “But we certainly understand that this is a benefit for our businesses, because if people are visiting as tourists and like the area and there are job openings, they might want to move here.”


Building on its 37-year success as a monthly lifestyle publication, Fox Cities Magazine reaches a regular audience from Green Bay to Oshkosh with a much larger readership for the “Worth the Drive” issue. Although publishing is free off the booth, over 4,000 of its loyal readers pay annual subscriptions that deliver the magazine to their mailbox each month.

In addition to showcasing local communities, “Worth the Drive” also features three targeted topics. This year’s themes include wineries, boutique hotels, and urban legends.

So if, after reading the July issue, your brain is still filled with ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ for your day off, just relax at home and enjoy some mysterious tales of regional urban legends. … in the fact that you already live in a destination worth seeing, aka Marinette.

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