Independent Study Shows LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution Generates Over 340% Return On Investment For Marketers


SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) –LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP), the leading data connectivity platform, today announced its Authenticated traffic solution (ATS) has been adopted by hundreds of publishers, brands and platforms around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and the Japan. Over 70 demand and supply platforms and over 400 publishers, including 70% of Comscore 20 and 65% of Comscore 50, have adopted ATS to provide marketers with a more efficient way to reach their customers and measure the results of their campaigns without third-party cookies or device identifiers.

“The digital industry is undergoing massive changes with the end of third-party cookies and mobile device identifiers. We set out to create the neutral and interoperable infrastructure for this new era, and the incredible global adoption of ATS proves that we have done just that, ”said Scott Howe, CEO of LiveRamp. “Simply put, ATS gives publishers and marketers control over their data. It generates better results for marketers, higher returns for publishers, and offers the potential for greater transparency. More than 100 brands use ATS, including clients through agency partnerships, and we expect that number to only increase. ”


Publishers are using ATS to enable people-based inventory and improve monetization, including Microsoft Advertising, the world’s second-largest publisher, which has seen a more than 40% increase in CPMs on authenticated impressions. The scale of ATS adoption around the world reveals that many publishers see the LiveRamp solution as not only viable for their business, but also vital to serving their unique and diverse audience. Other notable publishers that have adopted ATS include:, CafeMedia, Tubi and The McClatchy Company in the United States; Dennis Publishing, eBay Classifieds Group UK and IDG UK; Burda Community Network in Germany; and Cricket Australia, the first signed in-app editor, among many others.

  • “Viewers are now well integrated into streaming environments, which are fragmented across a wide variety of device platforms for advertisers. This makes the challenge of marketing to reach and measure a multidimensional target audience, and having a person-based ID is important to ensure ad campaigns are relevant across all channels and devices, “commented Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer at Tubi.” LiveRamp helps create authenticated, first-party relationships with our viewers so that we can continue to deliver impactful experiences, at scale. ”

  • “The early adoption of LiveRamp’s ATS solution in Europe has only strengthened our relationships with our valued publisher partners,” added Mandy Schwab, director of digital media at Burda Community Network (BCN). “Since integrating LiveRamp’s ATS solution a year ago, we have enabled media brands to successfully unlock the opportunity to better monetize media inventory through a privacy-based identity based on the people.”

  • “With LiveRamp, we’re putting the power back into the hands of publishers,” said Paul Bannister, CSO of CafeMedia. “We enable our thousands of media brands to increase their revenues by enabling first party data in a secure and privacy-centric way, without having to worry about data leaks, especially with robust control technology. data from LiveRamp editors. Already, we are seeing that authenticated audiences generate much higher returns than when using third-party cookies. ”


A new Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact ™ (TEI) study, commissioned by LiveRamp, found that advertisers using LiveRamp’s ATS can achieve a 343% return on investment over three years with a return on investment in just six months after the initial investment.

Globally, more than 100 brands in verticals have already recognized the urgency of finding an alternative to data depreciation, embracing ATS as a sustainable and valuable solution for transparent activation, measurement and attribution on data. screens, mobile applications, connected television and OTT. Compared to campaigns using third-party cookies, marketers have seen a significant improvement with LiveRamp, including:

  • 403% increase in travel bookings for a leading international hotel chain

  • 85-95% Video Completion Rate (VCR) for a Leading Social Health Nonprofit

  • 84.3% average increase in sustained ROAS of several brands over the past year

By enabling hundreds of branded advertising campaigns in the first quarter of 2021 alone, ATS is fueling a people-based approach to connecting with audiences across all channels, making consumer interactions relevant, addressable and measurable. As brands and their agencies have grown rapidly over the past year, they have turned to LiveRamp to enable segments within tech platforms and publishers to reach real people, not cookies or device identifiers.

  • “Even before the phasing out of third-party cookies, we exploited alternative identifiers to deliver more relevant marketing and improve marketing results, especially in online video campaigns, as consumers increase the time spent with the video,” said said Manuel Cimarosti, director of media analysis. & Data Strategy at Danone. “In the first test alone, ATS generated a 4% increase in video completion rate in addition to 40% more cost effective measures compared to the cookie. These results are invaluable as we continue to grow our first party relationship with consumers on more touch points and reinvest the savings to increase our reach. ”

  • “Our industry has reached a crossroads where we can move forward with a transparent and privacy-friendly approach to user authentication, or risk the same flaws we saw with the cookie,” added Liane Nadeu, SVP and Head of precision media and investments at Digitas North America. “Our advice to customers is to take advantage of the time that is left before third-party cookies leave the ecosystem, to test and invest in authenticated solutions that will maintain consumer confidence in the future.”


Benefiting from broad platform support since entering the market, the identifier is active on all major global platforms on the supply side, including Index Exchange, Magnite, OpenX, PubMatic and , more recently, Xandr. ATS is also live on all major demand-side platforms, such as Amobee, Beeswax, Criteo, MediaMath, Roku, and The Trade Desk.

“ATS is designed to stand the test of time, aware of future privacy regulations, and ensure consumers have an exchange of value,” added Travis Clinger, LiveRamp’s senior vice president of addressability and marketing. ‘ecosystem. “There’s no question that authentications translate into more valuable inventory and better performance. Those who adopt an authentication strategy now will gain a significant competitive advantage by replacing mobile identifiers, cookies, and other problematic identifiers that do not prioritize consumer privacy. ”

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