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The Hershey’s Food Systems Project collaborated on an integrated project across humanities, integrated sciences, and business courses …

Food Systems Project

The Hershey’s Food Systems Project collaborated on an integrated project across the humanities, integrated sciences, and business courses. Hershey’s grade 10 and 11 students chose a food to research, design / produce and sell in local markets.

To support quality production, students learned basic food chemistry and applied the scientific method to improve their products. They also studied the historical, cultural and social justice aspects of their product to strengthen their branding and storytelling.

Students had to calculate the production price and breakeven points to be approved for a microcredit from Hershey Microeconomy; the information was presented to expert guest judges at a “Shark Tank” style event.

As they near the end of the project, they are now focused on building websites, producing and packaging their products. Students will soon attend a local farmer’s market event and set up a booth on the Huntsburg campus to sell their produce and earn funds to pay off their initial loans.

Holding of a panel on gender identity

A roundtable discussion on gender identity formation and ways to support the well-being of our children and adolescents took place on May 25. This presentation followed the morning coffee which took place on April 15th.

Panel presenters included Dr. Vanessa Jensen, Clinical / Pediatric Psychologist, Board-Certified Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s and Treasurer of the Geauga County SOGI Support Network; Gulnar Feerasta, program director at the Greater Cleveland Gay Bisexual Transgender Lesbian Community Center and LGBTQ + County Board Member of Allies Lake; and Lucy McNees, senior at Hershey Montessori School and co-conspirator of the Huntsburg Student Organization’s Anti-Racism Initiative.

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