EA says single-player games are important to publishers’ wallets


EA recently made a statement about the importance of single-player games.

The gaming company giant has recently come under fire for its statement of hating single-player games in the past, saying multiplayer games are the future. Recent games like Battlefield 2042 are proof of their belief that multiplayer is the way to go, but that seems to have changed recently.

During the game company’s first-quarter earnings call via media outlet VGC, they were asked about the place of solo titles in the company’s portfolio and CEO Andrew Wilson responded. He explained what drives a gamer to pick and choose a game from retail and digital stores.

“[Players] have those core motivations,” Wilson replied. “Inspiration, escape, social connection, competition, self-transcendence, creation… And telling stories is really important in achieving some of these motivations.

It was clear that EA actually recognizes their success with single-player games like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It already has over 10 million units sold.

“When we think about our portfolio and when we think about growing it, we really think about it on two key vectors,” Wilson continued. “First, how can we tell incredible stories? And second, how can we create huge online communities? And how do you reconcile these two things?

“So when you look at our portfolio, what you should be looking for is how do we do that? How do we build those worlds and tell those stories? How do we build global communities online? And how do we bring us these two things for the realization of motivations?”

Wilson went on to confirm that single-player games are “a really, really important part of the overall portfolio that we offer in achieving those core motivations.”

In order to satisfy their community that loves their games, Wilson says that EA will supplement them with the addition of new online games, new multiplayer games and new single player games.


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