Dan Orlovsky: Former Lions offensive coordinator fell asleep in the middle of a game


ALLEN PARK – Former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky played for some pretty tough teams during his time in Detroit. Orlovsky even ran out of the back of the end zone during the team’s 0-16 season, but his latest story could take the cake.

Orlovsky asked about his ‘most dysfunctional Detroit stories’ while featured on former NFL defensive end Chris Long’s “Green Light” Podcast. The former Lions quarterback didn’t disappoint, saying one of the team’s former offensive coordinators fell asleep during an actual game.

“The series begins – the series – we just had like a change of possession. They had kicked, the series begins, we trot for the first place, and silence on the call, ” Orlovsky said during the podcast. “Our offensive coordinator at the time fell asleep in the cabin. In the cabin. Our guys are in the field waiting for a play call, and all you hear is, (simulates humming noises).

“(He) fell asleep in the middle of an NFL football game when we had the ball as a player.”

Long jokingly replied, “I always noticed that the lights were a bit off in this stadium.” Listen below for a preview of the interview:

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Orlovsky did not reveal the name of the offensive coordinator responsible for the embarrassing moment. But, the quarterback was with the Lions between 2005-2008 and then again from 2014-2016.

The offensive coordinators employed by Detroit while Orlovsky was on the roster were: Ted Tollner, Mike Martz, Jim Colletto, Joe Lombardi and Jim Bob Cooter. Orlovsky is currently one of ESPN’s new hosts for “NFL Live”. He recently spoke with MLive about the potential use of rookie running back D’Andre Swift and kept a good sense of humor concerning his infamous blunder.

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