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Leaders of the Big Idea, which combines UNO Medical Humanities (MH) and the upcoming Ted Kooser Center for Health Humanities, awarded nearly $ 35,000 to participating faculty members who applied for summer funding for research projects and creative activities in HD and Healing Arts.

“We are excited about the scope and depth of these projects and their potential for growth, sustainability and external funding,” said Steve Langan, Director of MH and Community Manager. “Through the humanities and the arts, our colleagues mentor and help solve current and ongoing challenges in society and healthcare.

“We are especially grateful for the leadership of colleagues in the Office of Research and Creative Activities, who guided us through the process, always encouraging us to keep an eye out for the price of external funding,” Langan said.

Prior to the announcement of the availability of funds for research and creative activities for the summer, the HDM executive committee and UN leadership consulted with various local and national colleagues, including William “Bro” Adams, Ph.D., who was previously president of the National Endowment for the Humanities and senior fellow at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

“I am in awe of the UN’s interdisciplinary focus and vision,” said Brother Adams, “and look forward to seeing what unfolds.

Funded projects

The following projects have received funding. Principal investigators and key faculty members will make a public presentation of their projects during the fall semester.

Timi Barone, Ph.D. and Sam Ammons, Ph.D. | Sociology and Anthropology
“Introduction of the humanities and the arts in the training of medical assistants (IHAPAE)”

Mark Gilbert, Ph.D. | Art and art history
“Portrait of Covid-19 – Exploring the experience of healthcare workers during the Covid-19 pandemic”

Jay Irwin, Ph.D. | Sociology and Anthropology
Huespring mentoring training

Mary Perkinson, DMA | Music
“Nebraska HeartBeats”

Allison Schlosser, Ph.D. | Sociology and Anthropology
Peter Szto, Ph.D. | Social work
“Using Photovoice to Explore Student Experiences Emerging from the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Roma Subramanian, Ph.D. | Communication
Mark Gilbert, Ph.D. | Art and art history
Jonathan Santo, Ph.D. | Psychology
“How the Iconography of Mental Illness Influences Anti-Stigma Responses: An Emphasis on Image Realism”

Peter Szto, Ph.D. | Social work
Jay Irwin, Ph.D. | Sociology and Anthropology
“Visualize the psychiatric space”

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