What Benefit Do Student Loans Have in Peru?

If you want to study at university, you are interested in knowing the different loan options for students in Peru. These credits can help you fulfill the desire to obtain a university degree at any of its different levels. And in the different institutions of higher education in the country.


What are student loans?

student loans

Student loans are a type of personal credit for young students of different university education levels. They allow to pay the expenses of maintenance and tuition, as well as the acquisition of equipment and materials required for the studies.

You can benefit from these credits if you take one of the following levels:

  • Specialization programs at the technical level.
  • Undergraduate studies
  • Postgraduate studies
  • Specialization programs at the postgraduate, master’s and doctoral level.


What benefit do student loans have in Peru?

student loans have in Peru?

Student loans in Peru have a low interest rate so that they are accessible to students. They do not require a greater requirement than to show that you are studying the respective study. The application and approval process is, in most cases, very short.

Additionally, and depending on the financial entity that offers it, they may have these other benefits:

  • Special discounts at the most accredited higher education educational centers in Peru.
  • You can finance your education, that of your spouse, siblings, children or grandchildren.
  • It is applicable to any of the modalities of study, both face-to-face and virtual.
  • You have an immediate disbursement.


What institutions offer loans for students in Peru?

loans for students

You can go to one of the following financial institutions for more information on student loans. As a guide it is placed, after the name of the institution, and the way in which this type of credit is called in each case.

  • Bank of Rural : Multired Loan for Studies.
  • Pointbank : Pointbank Study Loan.
  • BBP : Credit of Studies.
  • CBVA Credits Bank: CBVA Credits Bank Educational Credit.
  • Rose Bank : Master’s Loan.
  • Jane Finance : Educational Credit.